Danish Society for marine biology

DSFMB started as a series of meetings by a group of marine biologists centered around the Zoological Museum in Copnehagen. This group, which called itself the Marine Biological Club, changed its name towards the end of the 1980s to Danish Society for Marine- Biology, DSFM, and the circle of participants was expanded. However, this Society ground to a halt around the year 2000, partly because the chairman took up a post abroad.

In 2002 a group of marine biologists took the initiative to resuscitate the Society, and on November 28, 2002, a meeting was held where the Society was formally re-established. In 2004 the Society changed its initials from DSFM to DSFMB.

At DSFMB's meetings we give a high priority to maintaining a high professional standard in the presentations and promoting an open and committed discussion. Another important part of the meetings is that members and guests can meet informally and in a congenial atmosphere to cultivate their common interest in marine biology.

Our logo:

The logo is designed by Aviaja Torbensdatter Hermann.

The marine copepod Calanus finmarchicus has been choosen in recognition of the vital role it plays in the ecosystems of the North Sea and the northern Atlantic.

The pictures on DSFMB's website:

At present our pictures are a selection from the picture gallery of the BALANCE project (http://www.balance-eu.org/)

The photos were all taken by Jan Nicolaisen, ORBICON (http://orbicon.dk)

Dansk selskab for marinbiologi (CVR-nummer 33430124)